Psychoeducational Assessments

What Is a Psychoeducational Assessment?

These assessments encompass evaluation of a wide range of brain functions and skills to determine what might be affecting learning or behavior.  Testing may be conducted in several different areas including: academic skills, executive functioning, intelligence, memory, visual-spatial processing, social-emotional skills, mental health and/or childhood development in order to help understand why a child is struggling. The assessment is individualized and tailored to the child, based on the referral questions, presenting problems and observations during the evaluation process.

The assessment will involve a review of the client’s personal history including relevant medical or school records. Meeting with families and the completion of skills checklists by the family or others involved in the child’s care are also often part of the assessment process. Time spent with the child will include observations of skills as well as standardized assessments when tolerated.  Testing can take between 2 – 6 hours and may need to take part over more than one day. 

Assessment results may be reviewed with the family after the assessment process is complete and information has been interpreted by our Clinical Psychologist.  Results will help determine which kind of educational and therapeutic supports can help a child thrive and may include the diagnosis of an underlying issue affecting learning or behavior such as Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Learning Disorder or other developmental disabilities. 


Dr. Natalie Montfort, Clinical Psychologist, has partnered with The Carruth Center to complete psychoeducational and developmental assessments.  Once completing all referral paperwork families can expect: 

  • Prompt appointments for evaluations: we strive to begin the evaluation process within 2-4 weeks from the completion of intake paperwork.
  • Review of medical, academic and/or previous evaluation records.
  • Review of parent and teacher checklists and information.
  • In-depth assessment of skills related to the overall referring problem which may include informal or formal evaluation of the following areas:
    • attention, concentration, and impulsivity
    • memory, cognition, and executive functioning
    • academics skills or intelligence
    • social-emotional skills
    • fine motor skills and visual-motor development
    • emotional/behavioral issues 
  • A detailed written report or results with recommendations. 


To schedule an appointment with Dr. Montfort, please contact the Carruth Center at (713) 935-9088 or email our business office at  for more information.