Kaufman-Apraxia Boot Camp

Speech-Language Pathologist with students in Kaufman-Apraxia Bootcamp

Group therapy led by speech pathologists specialized in childhood apraxia of speech

Kaufman-Apraxia Boot Camp is a speech-language based group therapy program designed to increase speech formulation, automaticity, language content and structure for children (up to age 6) who have apraxia of speech or phonological processing disorder. These children benefit greatly from frequent and intensive speech-language therapy.

K-ABC’s treatment approach and goals were developed and adapted from the Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol.

Kaufman-Apraxia Boot Camp Features

  • Kaufman-trained speech-language pathologists
  • 30 hours of individualized speech therapy, motor lab and music therapy
  • Pre-testing for identification of individual speech and language targets
  • Songs and stories with individualized targets provided by a certified music therapist
  • Sensorimotor lab guided by licensed occupational therapists
  • Detailed final report with summary of goals and progress
  • Home program for carryover of K-ABC goals and concepts

Each Kit Contains

  • Hands-on materials/manipulatives with directions
  • Three illustrated, hardcover books
  • Music CD of camp songs
  • Binder and bag to organize materials

Program Cost

$3,300 (includes kit)



Dates to be announced
9-11:30 a.m.

Applications accepted starting January 2020.

Please reach out to Mimi Branham, MA, CCC-SLP, Clinic Director at mbranham@carruthcenter.org for questions about the application process or K-ABC program.