Group Therapy

Groups For Children—Empower Hour

Group therapy is a powerful modality in helping children develop the connection, courage and confidence they need to feel masterful in interpersonal situations.

Counselors help the children in group to recognize, understand and respect the thoughts and feelings of others.  In doing so, children move toward a greater level of connection and acceptance of self, peers and family members.

The Carruth Center is currently offering play therapy based groups for children ages 3-12. Empower Hour is all about exploring your child's social-emotional world and bringing out their innate potential to feel connected, confident, accepted and understood.

Children are grouped by age, development and social-emotional needs.

Groups For Adults

Our lives begin in family groups and we function thereafter as members of groups at school, work and communities. Belonging and connecting is just as powerful a need for adults as it is for children. At The Carruth Center, we provide a variety of groups for a variety of needs and purposes.

The Balance Group

Currently, we offer the Balance Group. Being a parent of a child with special needs or a disability sometimes feels like an emotional roller coaster. Furthermore, if you are a caregiver of a child with a disability, you are at a heightened risk for anxiety, depression, social isolation, divorce/separation, poor eating habits and a decrease in overall exercise and wellness. The Balance Group is a tool for you to use to find balance in your life again. It is a safe, confidential space for both The Parish School and community parents/caregivers to:

  • Find balance on the emotional roller coaster
  • Develop that elusive balance between caring for others and caring for yourself
  • Experience support and understanding
  • Connect with others who “get it”
  • Relax and let go

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