Developmental Assessments

What Is a Developmental Pediatrician?

Developmental pediatricians are highly trained, board-certified pediatricians who have completed sub-specialty training and certification in developmental pediatrics after finishing their general pediatric residency. General pediatricians may have too little time or expertise to fully address issues that arise when children have developmental disorders such as autism, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or learning disabilities, as well as the presence of issues that often accompany these disorders like speech and language delays, or sensory processing and developmental coordination disorders. Because developmental pediatricians have specialized training and experience in child psychology, pediatric neurology and child psychiatry, they have the specific skills needed to assess a child’s developmental, behavioral and learning issues, provide a diagnosis, and recommend services for children. Assessments are individualized and tailored to each child based on referral questions, presenting problems and observations during an evaluation.

Why Should My Child See a Developmental Pediatrician?

If you believe your child demonstrates a developmental delay or has behavior difficulties, a developmental pediatrician can help you determine the best path to help your child. A thorough assessment will be completed, which may take a few hours to several days, depending on the age of your child and the presenting concerns. After the assessment, the developmental pediatrician meets with you to review results and discuss recommendations for help.

About Dr. Eboni Hollier

Dr. Eboni Hollier

The Carruth Center has partnered with Eboni Hollier, MD, a respected Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician, to complete neurodevelopmental assessments for children ages birth – 7 years. Dr. Hollier has experience and expertise in evaluating children with various levels of ability. Her mission is to give parents the encouragement and support they need to understand and accept their child’s abilities, as well as to parent more confidently while coping with life’s challenges more effectively.

Dr. Hollier earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Xavier University of Louisiana and Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Mississippi School of Medicine. She completed a pediatrics internship and residency at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics fellowship at the University of Chicago Medical Center.


Dr. Hollier can complete a thorough independent assessment of your child or she can partner with The Carruth Center therapists to complete a comprehensive assessment that includes all professionals’ perspectives of your child’s abilities. 

  • Prompt appointments for evaluations: 2-4 weeks from contact
  • Review of medical, lab and previous evaluation records
  • In-depth assessments of: language, attention, concentration and impulsivity; memory and fine motor skills; visual-motor development, executive functioning and emotional/behavioral issues
  • Detailed written report of results with recommendations
  • Follow-up consultations with teachers and other involved professionals can be arranged


To schedule an appointment with Dr. Hollier, please contact The Carruth Center at (713) 935-9088 or email Elizabeth Chapa at for more information.