Language Learning Tools

Small group language therapy

Small group therapy program for children who have speech, language and social-pragmatic delays

Language Learning Tools uses a unique blend of therapy techniques to support children’s communication and ability to process their environment. Intertwining both sensory and language approaches to learning, the Language Learning Tools group goes beyond multi-sensory learning and uses a whole-body learning approach. Our goal is to enhance each child’s social language skills and teach self-regulation; therefore, maximizing development.


  • Small group ratios: no more than five children with two adults
  • Led by a speech-language pathologist
  • Multi-sensory environment
  • Group language therapy

Tools and Strategies

  • Brushing therapy
  • Music
  • Dramatic play schemes
  • Cooperative play activities
  • Social stories
  • Visual schedule system
  • Gestural cues
  • Sensory-motor activities
  • Art activities

Contact Us

For more info, contact The Carruth Center at or 713.935.9088.