Developmental Assessments

Providing comprehensive assessments of children and adolescents

Neuropsychological services are provided by doctorate level professionals with special training and experience in the area of developmental and pediatric neurological disorders. Services include comprehensive evaluations to determine diagnoses, and recommendations for interventions and school placements. The evaluation is designed to objectively assess intellectual, cognitive, emotional and environmental factors that may be contributing to learning or behavioral issues. The assessment is individualized and tailored to the child, based on the referral questions, presenting problems and observations during the evaluation.


  • Prompt appointments for evaluations: 2-4 weeks from contact
  • Review of medical, lab and previous evaluation records
  • Parent/child interview to understand the purpose of the assessment
  • In-depth assessments of language, attention, concentration and impulsivity; memory, fine motor skills; visual-motor development, executive functioning, emotional/behavioral issues
  • Detailed written report of results with recommendations
  • Follow-up consultations with teachers and other involved professionals can be arranged